Match Play Championship
September 9-30, 2017

Over the weekend of September 9 & 10, 2017, the club held the first two rounds of the Match Play Championship at Sunnyvale Golf Course. Twenty-four players signed up to compete which required a bit of bracket manipulation - how to accomodate the number of players without allowing byes in the first round. The tournament director divided the players into three 8-player flights with the winner of each flight competing in a three-way match to determine the Match Play Champion.

Finalists Ken Arends, Ross Erickson and Tracy Powell teed it up at Sunnyvale Golf Course on September 30 to decide who would become the club's 2017 Match Play Champion.  To win the title, one player had to best his other two opponents.  At the turn, Tracy and Ken were even, while Ross was one up over Tracy but one down to Ken.  Basically, it was a toss up.

On the back nine, Tracy began to pull away from Ken and won that match 4 and 2. That left Tracy and Ross to battle it out for the title.  Going to the 18th, Ross and Tracy were even with Tracy getting a stroke from Ross based on their handicaps. Tracy's five was good enough to win the title and add his name to the list of champions that dates back to 1990. Click on the link below to see the full results and the distribution of prize money and TOC points.

Match Play Brackets

Congratulations to the finalists and thanks to all who participated in this year's event.
John Frykland, Webmaster and first round participant.

Match Play Championship
Ken Arends, Tracy Powell and Ross Erickson
Complete Standings
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