New Member Tournament
January 12, 2019
Baylands Golf Links

The weather cooperated nicely for our annual New Member Tournament. It was great actually playing it on our home course instead of some other nearby venue. In this event we introduce those who joined the previous year to the club, its members and tournament play. We had a great turnout with 44 players participating, a number that included 12 new members many of whom joined late in the year

The competition this year included 11 teams playing in a "best two of four" format where we count the two best net scores on each hole. The course is a par 72 which means that counting two scores results in a par of 144.

The team of Andrew Clauson, Jack Simpson, Ross Erickson and John McGuire tied the team of Brad Martin, Rick Wheat, Dominic Ascani and Roger Kalemba at 121, a whopping 23 under par. Tournament Director Doug Marinkovich applied the tie breaker formula and determined that the Clauson-Simpson-Erickson-McGuire took the top prize.

In a change to the club's tournament policies, prize money in team events is awarded on a point per dollar won by each individual beginning this year. In addition we award 5 points to all participants who show up to play. Non-winners receive the 5 points while those in the money receive the 5 points on top of any winnings.

John Frykland, Webmaster

Team Place Players Net $$$ Each TOC Pts Each
Team 2 * 1st Andrew Clauson Jack Simpson Ross Erickson John McGuire 121 $45 45
Team 1 2nd Brad Martin Rick Wheat Dominic Ascani Roger Kalemba 121 $35 35
Team 5 3rd Noel Sherry Kevin Yamada William Snyder Bob Lall 122 $25 25
Team 8 4th Adolfo Pina Ray Coler Clayton Halsey Jack Purcell 123 $15 15
Team 3 4th Steven Guzman Christopher Dierkes Michael Kern Chuck Pickett 125 $5 5
* Won card playoff for first place
Ken Arends with new Member Rafael Carmona Toscano John Harris hits a pitch shot to the green
Complete Standings
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