Best 2 of 4 Tournament
September 21, 2019
Sunnyvale Golf Course

The club traveled a few exits south to the Sunnyvale Golf Course for a fun team event using the format we employed in our new member tournament back in January. Eight teams of four players each competed by recording the two best scores on each hole to deteremine their total. Since the course is a par 70, even par for the team score would be 140.

The team of Heath Black, Rafael Carmona Toscano, Bryan Ashley, and James Detmer tied the team of Ed Barkley, Ray Coler, Rick Wheat and Sarang Kirpekar at 124. The Tournament Director applied the tie breaker formula and determined that the Black-Carmona Toscano-Ashley-Detmer team took the top prize. The team of Russell Edwardson, John Frykland, Trevor Heathorn and Jon Loeser took third place.

John Frykland, Webmaster and member of the third place team

Team Place Players Net $$$ Each TOC Pts Each
Team 1 * 1st Heath Black Rafael Carmona Toscano Bryan Ashley James Detmer 124 $40 40
Team 4 2nd Ed Barkley Ray Coler Rick Wheat Sarang Kirpekar 124 $30 30
Team 5 3rd Russell Edwardson John Frykland Trevor Heathorn Jon Loeser 126 $15 15
Long Drive #3 Ken Arends $15  
Long Drive #10 James Detmer $15  
Closest to Pin #7 Rafael Carmona Toscano $15  
Closest to Pin #13 Ray Coler $15  
* Won card playoff for first place
Sunnyvale No. 8
Sunnyvale 8th Green
Complete Standings
Last Updated on 9/23/2019