Applying for PAGC Membership

Terms: Membership in the Palo Alto Golf Club is on a calendar year basis.  New applications are accepted starting October 1 for the following year.  Current members receive a renewal application (along with an election ballot) in the mail at the beginning of Octber.  That renewal must be returned by December 31.  (Note:  If you do not receive your renewal form by mid-October, contact the club immediately since failure to re-enroll by the deadline involves penalty payments.)
Dues: For new members (18 years and up), the current dues schedule is as follows:
If you join between You pay You get
January 1 and May 31 $110 Membership through December 31 of this year
June 1 and September 30 $79 Membership through December 31 of this year
October 1 and December 31 $110 Membership through December 31 of next year
For renewing members, the current renewal rates are $95 for those 60 and over and $100 for all others (18 - 59).

Junior members, those under 18 years old, can join for a one time $15 fee and then enjoy membership with no yearly dues.  In the year that a junior member turns 18, he or she can convert to a regular membership for the renewal rate of $100.
Application: Golfers wishing to join the Palo Alto Golf Club should print out an application form and return it to the address indicated on the form.  A check for the appropriate amount made payable to the Palo Alto Golf Club must be enclosed.  You can also join online by creating an eGolfer account on the USGA's GHIN system.  Follow the link below for instructions on setting up your eGolfer account.
Your Index (Handicap): The application will be processed soon after its receipt and will result in your receiving, by return mail, a letter of acceptance. The letter will include a GHIN number issued by the NCGA.  Your new GHIN number is the key to your getting an official USGA handicap established.  Immediately upon receipt of that number you will be able to post your scores at the Palo Alto Golf Course or at other courses participating in the GHIN program.  (For golfers who already have a GHIN number or have had one in the last two years, the form includes space for providing that number, since each golfer can only have a single GHIN number, regardless of how many clubs he or she belongs to.)
Posting Scores: You may post scores from games played before becoming a member as long as you know the course rating, slope, and date played. If you need help to accomplish this, another member, or a member of the golf staff will be more than happy to assist you.
Tournament Play: In order to enter a club tournament an official handicap must be established.  The computer will only provide such a handicap after at least five scores have been successfully transmitted to the system's central computer and the player's index has been reported back to the club's computer.  The latter activity occurs on the 15th and last day of each month. (If necessary a handicap can be manually calculated when new members wish to enter non-major tournaments.)

Prize money awarded for tournaments is kept in a credit account at the Palo Alto Golf Course and can be used to purchase goods and services in the pro shop.  At some away tournaments a portion of the prize money, by contract, may be in gift certificates at that course.  If you leave the club, you have one year to spend the credit in your account.  If the credit is not used within one year, it will revert to the club treasury.
NCGA Membership: Within three or four weeks of receiving your GHIN number you should receive a Membership Card from the NCGA with that same number on it.  Please be patient since NCGA cards are not issued between Oct. 1 and Jan 20.  If you join between those dates, your card should be mailed to you at the end of January.

Your handicap is available online at the NCGA's website.  You can also sign up with the NCGA and have your handicap information emailed to you on the first and fifteenth days of each month.
Last Updated on 1/1/2015