Rules Corner

by Craig Allen

This part of the PAGC website is devoted to the Rules of Golf.  The PAGC does not expect every player to know every rule.  The PAGC does expect every player to care about the rules, to try to abide by them, and to be ready to learn from both his own mistakes and the mistakes of others.  The fairness of our competitions is based on the idea that everyone is playing the same game.

One of the key stroke play rules each player should know is Rule 3-3 which describes what to do when you have any doubt about the proper procedure to follow on the course.  This rule allows a player to play a 'second ball' so that the Committee can determine which procedure was proper and assign the proper score.  Take the time to read this rule carefully and follow the procedure exactly.  And for those of you who already know it, please be aware that the rule has changed in 2004.  It is now required that any use of Rule 3-3 must be reported to the Committee prior to turning in your score card, even if the play of both balls resulted in the same score for the hole.

Craig Allen
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