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It's back to school time and the weather remains great for golf.  This is the perfect opportunity to get out and implement those skills you've been working on all summer.  "Go Play!" as Old Tom Morris says.  The two tournaments this month are at Monarch Bay on September 12 and Poppy Ridge on September 26.  Sign up for both today.

pagc 2016 Renewals Coming

The club will be mailing out membership renewals for 2016 during the week of October 5.  As of this newsletter, the dues will not be going up.  Regular members (under 60) can renew for $100 while it will cost those 60 and over $95.  A change to these rates could occur if the NCGA increases their dues for next year.  Return your renewal and ballot for board of directors in the envelope provided.  Remember, club members in good standing on the date the course closes will receive a free round of golf at the new course when it's completed.

Beginning with this renewal period, the club will be offering a new class of membership for those between the ages of 18 and 29. The NCGA announced this program earlier this year with a reduction in their fee to $30 for players of this age group. As a consequence, our club members who fall into this category can renew for just $84. Likewise, new members who qualify can join for that same amount.

Like last year, online renewals can be done through eClubhouse, the USGA's website for club management.  We have successfully moved our tournament signups to that site so this will be an easy follow-on to that process.  Unfortunately, the site will be unable to accomodate those wishing to donate to local junior golf programs during the renewal process.  You can still do so by renewing through the mail.

pagcBoard Members Needed for 2016

As part of the annual renewal process, the club holds elections for the coming year's Board of Directors. Each year we elect three new board members to replace those whose term has expired. If you are interested in helping to move the club forward over the coming years, please contact any board member or reply to this newsletter.  You can also click the link below to email club president Bob Booth and express your interest in joining the board. Your help in guiding the club into the future will be greatly appreciated.

Email the Board

pagc Course Closing Update

In the August 2012 newsletter we first announced the plans to renovate the Palo Alto Golf Course as part of a flood remediation project on San Fransiquito Creek. The original plan called for an August 2013 start. Here we are three years following that initial announcement and all we currently have is a shortened course and a large mound of earth piled up for use in the project. The latest news is that the course will remain open through next February.

The club will schedule home tournaments during the first quarter of 2016 in anticipation of the course being open. The schedule for the remainder of the year will continue as it has in the past with two tournaments per month. The difference will be that, like in 2014, we will probably hold all our NCGA qualifiers and major club championships at away courses. If the construction schedule should slip again, the golf course has indicated they will work with us to schedule more of these events at home. Stay tuned and we will keep you up to date.

pagc Thursday Match Play Team

The PAGC Thursday Match Play Team began play in this NCGA-sponsored competition back on June 11.  Playing in a group with Poplar Creek, Crystal Springs and Seascape, the team compiled a 4 and 2 record and moved on to the playoffs.  Unfortuntely, the group lost 22-14 to a good Lone Tree team in the first round.  Congratulations to the team and captain John Osness on a good season.

Final Results
Date Team 1   Team 2
June 11 Poplar Creek (20) at Palo Alto (16)
June 25 Palo Alto (9) at Seascape (27)
July 9 Palo Alto (22) at Crystal Springs (14)
July 16 Palo Alto (28) at Poplar Creek (8)
July 30 Seascape (15) at Palo Alto (21)
August 6 Crystal Springs (15) at Palo Alto (21)

John Frykland, Webmaster

September Highlights
Remaining 2015 Schedule
Click Tournament Name for Details
Date Event Course
9/12 Monarch Bay ILN S'Lndro
9/26 Poppy Ridge Stableford L'More
10/10 Crystal Springs ILN B'Game
10/24 Metropolitan ILN Oakland
11/7 Pacific Grove 4 Ball P'Grove
11/21 Spring Hills 4 Ball W'ville
12/5 TOC at Shoreline Mt.View
Welcome New Members
Name City
John Chan Belmont
Hong Lin Menlo Park
Scott Hogrefe Redwood City
Andrew Larson Livermore
Ed Becker Palo Alto
Kadar Bey Menlo Park
Luis Morejon Redwood City
Tom Scannell Cupertino
2015 TOC Standings
Place Player Points
1 Buzz Ogren 407
2 Greg Val 393
3 Keith Arends 327
4 Ray Coler 301
5 Tracy Powell 294
6 Ryan Kim 291
7 Darien Arends 269
8 William Wei 265
9 Ross Erickson 264
10 Chuck Pickett 256
Complete Standings
Buzz Ogren